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 Shawn's contemporary jazz recordings have been featured in Modern Drummer Magazine and highlight renowned musicians and artists from around the world. His music fuses together traditional and contemporary styles mixed with complex meters, solos, grooves and atmospheric synths.



Shawn teaches one to one (and remote) drum lessons at his Drum Studio in Clovis, CA.. Students from beginners to professionals make up a weekly roster of enthusiastic individuals of all ages, experience levels, backgrounds and musical interests. 

Shawn's widely used drum method books have been featured in Modern Drummer Magazine. Quick Start Drums is a 10 book series focusing on multiple topics including: Rock, Jazz Phrasing, Drum Fills, Linear Drumming, World Styles, Coordination and Technique, Reading, EDM, Creative Time Stretching and Drumline Skill Sets.






Shawn's work with Marching Bands and Drum Corps (US ./ Int'l) includes drumline and front ensemble scoring, indoor percussion shows and electronic sound design. His drum set arrangements for the Blue Devils (Concord, CA) have helped earn 9 DCI Championship titles and 3 Best Percussion titles at the Drum Corps International World Championships since 2009.


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